How I fell in love with Bali!

“Even I can’t believe I enjoyed a coffee made from rodent feces!” Bali has been one of the most popular places to travel within the past couple of years. It took my boyfriend (Antonio) and I exactly 24 hours or more to get there. But, was it worth the journey? Hell yeah! We started offContinue reading “How I fell in love with Bali!”

Ranking the 4 hotels I stayed at in Bali

When I booked my trip to Bali, we originally only booked 2 hotels. The original plan was to go to Bali for 5 days and India for 5 days. That plan did not workout and I will tell you why in a later blog post so stay tuned! We stayed in Bali for 10 days.Continue reading “Ranking the 4 hotels I stayed at in Bali”