44 Words/Phrases you should know in French for traveling!

English French 1. Hello/ What’s up Bonjour (Bon-joor)/ça va (Sah-vah) 2. Thank you/Thank you very much Merci/ Merci beaucoup (Mercy Boo-coo) 3. Good evening Bonsoir (Bon-swah) 4. Good morning Bonjour 5. Please S’il vous plaît (see-voo-play) 6. See you later Au revoir/ À bientôt (oh vwah) 7. See you tomorrow Au demain (oh-day-mon) 8. GoodContinue reading “44 Words/Phrases you should know in French for traveling!”

Nightmare on 1st Avenue (COVID-19 takeover)

Like most of you, I didn’t see a global pandemic coming and changing around my plans. My goals for 2020 are now at a halt. I started this travel blog and decided to take more trips this year and seeing where this takes me. COVID-19 said “world stop” and we’re still waiting for the partContinue reading “Nightmare on 1st Avenue (COVID-19 takeover)”