How I fell in love with Bali!

“Even I can’t believe I enjoyed a coffee made from rodent feces!”

Bali has been one of the most popular places to travel within the past couple of years. It took my boyfriend (Antonio) and I exactly 24 hours or more to get there. But, was it worth the journey? Hell yeah!

We started off the journey by boarding a flight from JFK to Taipei, Taiwan on a 13 hour flight. Our layover was only about 3-4 hours. While we waited, I had to take an exam to complete my TNCC certification (nurse problems). I also got through a phone interview for one of the hospitals I submitted to for a travel nurse contract! After a productive layover, we boarded our 6 hour flight to Denpasar, Bali airport!

We were finally on our way to begin our bali adventure! The first resort was a 2 hour drive away from the airport and we were tired AF! After the long trip, we spent this day eating and sleeping so we can wake up early for our first Bali excursion.

Having Luwak coffee

Our first activity was at the Bali zoo. We were picked up from our hotel and had reservations to eat breakfast up close and personal with some cute orangutans. This is when we met one of the nicest person I have ever came to contact with. His name is Gede, and he started off as our driver to the zoo. Who knew that we’d make a friend that day with someone who’s culture and language was so distant from ours. After our orangutan experience, Gede offered to show us around to kill time before our next excursion. This was such a fun and unexpected twist to our trip and we couldn’t refuse. He took us to a local coffee plantation nearby his home where we sampled 13 of their teas and coffees. This is where we were introduced to luwak coffee. This is a pricy type of coffee that is made from seeds that are defacated by a rodent after eating the berries from the coffee plant. I know it sounds gross! Even I can’t believe I enjoyed a coffee made from rodent feces! The coffee beans are cleansed thoroughly and ground up into the best coffee that I have ever tried thus far! There was also a huge swing here that Antonio tried out. Bali has giant swings all over the country! Gede took us to a local spa to get a Balinese massage and pedicure. We asked him how much money he wanted for driving us around so much. His response was, “since you’re my friends now you can give me whatever you want to, but it isn’t necessary.” We ended up giving him the Rupiah that we had left over and kept his WhatsApp information. We met up with Gadae another time during our stay. I still keep in contact with Gede to this day!

Making friends with an orangutan at the Bali zoo

Our final activity for this day was going to the giant famous rice field, tegallalang. This is where the famous Instagram swing pictures are taken. While at the rice fields, we missed our opportunity to take pictures on this swing. We saw an area that had so many different nests and artistic structures we could use for photo opportunities. We started walking around the rice fields, trying to make our way over there. We noticed we were actually ending up farther and farther away from where we actually wanted to be and away from the swing. We saw some stairs to go up and find our way back. I don’t know how we ended up here, but we walked in on a group of European people having a private dinner party. They stared at us awkwardly while we ran through the patio confused and embarrassed! We cracked up laughing at the situation we got ourselves into while we found our way back to the rice terrace and to our guide. We had no clue how we ended up so far away! By the time we got back it was time to catch our show at Ubud palace. After the rice field, our new tour guide took us to see a show with traditional Balinese dance at the Ubud palace then finished with a romantic dinner by the ocean. Luckily, this was the only time our sense of adventure backfired on us LOL.

Tegallalang rice field

Throughout the rest of our trip, we visited the most beautiful beaches on Nusa Penida, went on a waterfall tour, rode ATV’s, and discovered how magnificent Balinese culture is. We met so many friendly people! Often people warn you about foreigners and traveling to foreign places and paint a bad picture of them. In my experiences traveling, I have found gems of personalities and it reminds me of how beautiful the world and life itself truly is. Bali welcomed us with nothing but love and made us feel like we are royalty. From the delicious Balinese cuisine to relaxing Balinese massages, you really can’t go wrong with booking a trip to Bali! This is a place that I will return to one day and I hope all of you reading this have the opportunity to experience Bali as well!

Vee grounding the coffee beans

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