Ranking the 4 hotels I stayed at in Bali

When I booked my trip to Bali, we originally only booked 2 hotels. The original plan was to go to Bali for 5 days and India for 5 days. That plan did not workout and I will tell you why in a later blog post so stay tuned! We stayed in Bali for 10 days. We booked the Graha Sandat resort and Udaya resort at the last minute. I would recommend all of these places. This post is just a description of my experiences and what I liked the most. Continue reading to find out which were my favorites and what my experience was like at each location!

4. Graha Sandat

It was the epitome of private because we didn’t have to worry about neighbors peaking over the high walls built here.

Although this was a fairly decent hotel, it was my least favorite. The scenery on grounds was beautiful. We walked by mini ponds decorated with small statues and koi fish swimming around. The negatives about this hotel was that there weren’t any restaurants on grounds. This was a minor issue because we were able to find food elsewhere. We also had an issue with getting the air conditioning to work for a while. We were sweating like crazy and I was exhausted from the heat while waiting for someone to come fix it. The way the bathroom is constructed wasn’t my ideal. It was basically outside and had no air conditioning. So every time I had to use the bathroom it felt like I was walking into a sauna. I requested a flower bath for our bathroom. It was pretty, but getting in it was so itchy! The green plant they put in it stuck to my skin and itched like crazy. On a positive note, the luxury villa came with a private pool that was very fresh and relaxing. It was the epitome of private because we didn’t have to worry about neighbors peaking over the high walls built here. We were able to order a in room Balinese massage and facial here for a low price. Floating breakfast was also available here and I loved the heart shaped basket it came on. The breakfast was okay, not the best, but decent. The location of this villa was in Ubud within walking distance to restaurants and a short distance to main attractions in Ubud. This was the least expensive place we stayed at in Bali. My overall rating of this hotel is a 2.5/5.

Floating breakfast at Graha Sandat

Luxury Villa $117.06/night http://www.grahasandatvillas.com

3. Udaya

They have one of the top rated spas in the world and I had to indulge here.

Udaya was the most unique and beautiful of the hotels on this list. Located in the center of Ubud, we were closest to the tourist attractions from here. They have one of the top rated spas in the world and I had to indulge here. I had the most beautiful flower bath that spelled out Happy Birthday along with a Balinese massage and facial. We booked a private pool villa for one night. Of course we got a floating breakfast here too! This was our favorite floating breakfast of them all. The breakfast food was A1 and served with fresh dragon fruit juice. We became addicted to pink dragon fruit while in Bali. What I didn’t like about Udaya was the lack of privacy between the private villas. You can see everything next door and your neighbors can view you as well. Also, the dinner selection in the restaurant didn’t have a whole lot of options for people like me who don’t eat red meat. I just remember the food being terrible that night. The last thing I didn’t like was how much walking up and down the stairs was required just for us to get around in this resort. The wildlife and chickens were especially loud around here for some reason. There was a cute cat that hung around and begged for food at the restaurant and I didn’t mind that at all. What I didn’t like was how mean the staff was to the poor cat! Overall, I did enjoy my stay there even though it was short lasting. 1 night here turned out to be just enough for me even though I did initially try to book for 3 nights, but they were fully booked. I would rate Udaya 4/5.

Flower bath prepared by the spa at Udaya

Approx. $250/night for private pool villa http://theudayaresort.com

2. Padma

This is the perfect resort to come and relax, eat good food, soak up unreal scenery, and stay away from the chaos of the city.

Padma was amazing! This is the first resort we stayed at in Bali. The premier room came with a balcony, beautiful waterfall shower, stylish bathtub, and plenty of space. At this time, we were busy doing so many excursions that we didn’t get to spend any time at the spa or exploring the premises. I would definitely come back to Padma. Their food was the best that we had on this entire trip! We reserved the private pool area to have our first floating breakfast on this trip. The setup was unbelievably breathtaking. We had a view over the resort, a mini waterfall, and a view of the jungle. The staff was so accommodating and friendly. They were far away from the center of Ubud, but offered shuttles at different time frames. We had to order their car service because the timing of our activities didn’t match with their shuttle schedule. Although it was an extra fee, it was very cheap. It was probably around $20-30 round trip to drive us an hour there and an hour back. The only negative I can say about Padma is how far away from everything it was. It all worked out though even with the distance. We had elevators and didn’t have to climb up so many stairs like we had to at the other resorts. This is the perfect resort to come and relax, eat good food, soak up unreal scenery, and stay away from the chaos of the city. The safety here was unmatched. The entire resort was gated and required 2 guards to check out your vehicle and allow you in. There had been terrorist attacks all over Bali in the past that targeted mainly Australian tourists. The terrorists were not Balinese, but from other countries. Bali is a very popular vacation spot for Australians since its only a 3-6 hour flight depending on what city they are flying from. Because of past attacks, the security has been tighter in popular tourist locations. I would rate Padma 4.5/5.

Floating Breakfast at Padma

Approx $187/night for a premier room. https://padmaresortubud.com

1. Munduk Moding Plantation

“I think I actually cried when it was time to leave here!”

My absolute favorite of all the resorts we stayed at was Munduk moding plantation. We booked one of the private pool villas for our last 3 nights in Bali. This place was absolutely perfect and the topping to my 27th birthday celebration! We were greeted with kindness and had lei’s draped around our necks. They picked us up from the parking lot and drove us to the lobby in a golf cart. While waiting for our room to be ready (we were 3 hours early for check in), they served us some of their home grown coffee that had a unique flavor. That coffee was so good I drank 2 more cups (I’m really greedy). When the room was finally ready, we were picked up and brought to our luxury villa. The name of the room we stayed in was fengipani. All the rooms we stayed in on this list were beautiful, but this one was astonishing! we had a nice jacuzzi with a clean swimming pool next to it. the room was so thoughtfully laid out, clean, and spacious. Before we made it to the hotel, we stopped at a market and bought some of our favorite fruits that we discovered here. The staff at this hotel arranged all of our fruit in a basket for us in the most beautiful way that I have ever seen. We were tucked away in the mountains away from all of the commotion, but still located to some amazing tourist spots. This location is close to the gates of heaven, a full waterfall tour can be taken from here, and the UNESCO floating temples. The only downside of being in the mountains was the rain and all the bugs. Munduk moding plantation also has a beautiful infinity pool that makes you feel like you’re in the sky. Our villa came with a personal butler and a personal phone to directly contact him, the spa, and front desk. Our floating breakfast was served on a heart shaped basket with a view of gorgeous mountains all around us. We ordered room service for dinner and the food made my taste buds sing whitney houston’s “I will always love you”. I think I actually cried when it was time to leave here! This was by far the best place I have ever stayed thus far. I would rate this hotel 5/5!

Infinity pool at Munduk Moding Plantation

Approx. $245/night for private pool villa https://mundukmodingplantation.com

Featured Image is from the floating breakfast we had at Udaya.

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